Women’s Body-Image

Different from the mental health trainings I offer, my workshops are created on mental health topics of interest to the general public. These workshops are meant to equip attendees with practical knowledge and tools to improve personal well-being. Each workshop comes with full-colour, customized resources and involves interactive activities and learning.
— Cara Taylor

The Weight We Carry is a workshop on body-image for women.

We carry all sorts of weight.

The literal weight of our bodies shown by number,
The insecurities & shame that weigh us down.
Our great weight or importance in this world.

Why does the first one seem to matter most?

Participant Responses:

“Very powerful and embracing. The group activity was eye opening, yet comforting in the sense ‘we are not alone.’ This was extremely uplifting and beneficial. Definitely will be attending again.”

“I feel hopeful yet overwhelmed, and excited to learn how to love me as me.” 

“This workshop was so inspiring and helpful. There were lots of points I’ve never thought about before. I love the way Cara really creates a safe space free of shame in any form. She is very careful with the words she uses and the ways she makes everyone feel valuable. I loved everything about this.”

“This workshop was amazing. It gave me different ways to think about myself instead of a negative way. I really needed this, more than you will ever know.”

“The most important part for me was gaining perspective on all the things my body can do to be present for the people I care about, and how the way it looks does not affect how it functions in that way. I’ve never thought like this before and it was awesome.”

“This workshop really opened my eyes to how we see ourselves and the way we talk to others. I really feel you have given me the tools to start my journey to self-compassion and self-love. Thank you for such an amazing workshop.”